O³ DESIGN STUDIO was set up by two designers. We come from Beijing. We have worked on graphic design for many years. In 2012, the initial work during the establishment of O³ Design Studio was Paper Cut Map Beijing, which achieved unexpected success in Beijing. Then, we strived to enlarge the product line and hope our products can be greatly acknowledged.

Our inspiration is from the journey, interests in DIY and a friend who has great passion for collecting maps. We express our understanding and enthusiasm for the design through various materials, such as paper, wood, etc.

We do not highlight that our products are hand-made, because such accuracy degree cannot be reached by hand. They give priority to the machining, supplemented by hand, and then reach the extreme accuracy. We devote ourselves to each product from the design, raw material purchase, and production to package.

The copyright of our Work have already been filed in China Shenzhen Digital Recording Center. 

No. 269 Wangfujing Street, Beijing, CN

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